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...in the U.K.

9/11/12 05:24 pm

It's been a rough 12 months for me in regards to girls in my life.

Even though I really liked her for months and months, Hannah ended up being someone I would never want to be with. Even someone that makes me sad just thinking about... Then I dated this girl Michelle for about 2 weeks and we had some serious communication issues with lead to a seriously awkward 2 weeks after.

All the while, since july, this girl Lucy was asking me out. I of course was very reluctant to see someone while I was dating someone else, not to mention who was a co-worker of mine, and who was only 19... but I finally said yes. We went to the movies one Thursday and continued hanging out that weekend. Now it's been a couple weeks and things are great.

So, I'm trying to be really smart about this one. Be who I am, while still being sensitive to who she is.

I know I often do this. I often get overwhelmed and blinded by the excitement of someone new in my life. I remember a couple times being darn foolish about the things I said at the beginning of a relationship in regards to how excited I was. Looking back, I don't understand how I was so dumb. I suppose everyone goes through that a little... I just wish I did a little less. Despite knowing that, I truly feel this is going to be different.

LJ will mark my words.

7/25/12 01:31 am - Finally, things are looking up...

I'm really glad 23 happened, because it got me to 24. I know that sounds redundant because OF COURSE I'd have to go through age 23 to get to 24, but specifically last year changed a lot of things for me.

I've thoroughly cleaned my house and my van. That means, scrubbing, vacuuming, moping, etc. I've been doing pretty good over the last 2 months in keeping them clean too. I feel much better about myself with all of this going on.

I've given up soda and have been primarily drinking water. On top of that, I have been eating mostly vegan at home with a little cheese here and there. I still eat junk, but I'm getting better.

I've been working out since the beginning of this month and I already feel better about my health and appearance. My facial hair is kept and I don't feel that my skinniest jeans are too tight like I did when I was teaching.

Last week I went on a date with a girl named Michelle and we hit it off. We went out again last night and tonight we spent 25 minutes on the phone together. I'm very excited about her and this seems so promising. I'll try not to screw it up.

I've been reading a book on Taoism and it talks about taking care of the self and its benefits. I feel that I'm now reaping the rewards of taking care of myself and the world is reacting positively. I'll try to keep it up for as long as I can.

5/28/12 10:03 pm - Greer

I'm up in the White Mountains with my grandparents.
I am no longer a high school music teacher.
I am going on a lot of trips this summer.
I really want to be a producer.

As much as I enjoy it up here, I feel so very alone. I probably should've waited a bit before going on this trip. Instead, I left immediately after being done with teaching and I think I should've enjoyed freedom with my friends before enjoying solitude in the Mountains. Don't get me wrong, I love being around my grandparents, but I do wish I had some company. Still, it's pretty wonderful up here. I'm helping my grandfather build the deck and I'm getting some music-stuff done. I'll be back soon.

Teaching was awesome. It was SUCH a weird experience, but I really feel I made an impact on some of these students. One senior even started playing upright bass because of me and she auditioned and was accepted into the UofA School of Music for bass. On top of that, I was flooded with "greatest teacher ever" cards, notes, hugs and thank-yous on my last week. Overall it was a wonderful experience, but I'm not ready to do this sort of thing full-time (though the principal thought I did a great job and would wanted to hire me anyway).

On June 17th, I leave for Peru to meet my sister and travel for a week. We're going to Machu Picchu and Lima. I'm pretty excited, it should be a blast! After that week, we're going to Ecuador to visit Max in Guayaquil. It's so very exciting, I can't wait! Max even booked my sister for a dance workshop and booked me for a concert while I'm there! Haha!

I'm working towards being a record producer. Currently, I'm producing an album for Michael Huerta's band, Ex-Cowboy. We should be done by the fall and after that I'm going to put together all the work I'm proud of in my music career into a portfolio and try to get jobs as a producer. I'm going to start at local studios, but I'm also going to be sending it to people I know in southern California to try and get work out there as well. I don't intend to move, but I would be happy to spend a month out there working on a project or something like that. Wish me luck on that front.

Deep in the heart of my insecurities...Collapse )

5/8/12 09:59 pm - Birthday

Hey friends. My birthday is on Friday, May 11th. To celebrate, I'm going to play a show on May 10th at La Cocina. Maybe you can make it. Starts around 10pm.

Also, on Friday I'm going to have a dinner at my house. Show up if you can. I'd be stoked to have 20 people and I'd be stoked to have just 1 person there, so come if you can.

2/17/12 04:24 pm

1/16/12 08:27 pm

This is what not having a life feels like:

12/26/11 09:27 pm

I'm actually kind of excited to get back to work next week, even though I've only had a very short break, it's helped me put things into perspective.

Basically, I have the next 5 months to forget about having a life and instead have a bunch of money.

In my free time, instead of pining over my own wishful thinking, I will bury myself in work and Brootal Sun Fest.... it's better than feeling like this...

11/8/11 08:25 pm

So, because of a bunch of things, I may be jumping into adult hood when I get back from tour.

Basically, my old high school music teacher has had some stuff come up and isn't teaching right now and won't be coming back for a while. So, the school asked me to be the long-term substitute when I get back from tour. This means that starting December 2nd (assuming they still need a sub), I will be the new Amphi High School music teacher. This is a pretty awesome opportunity for me as far as career stuff goes, but also as far as money goes. I will be making a TON of money compared to what I'm getting now.

Wish me luck, this is gonna be crazy.

10/30/11 02:04 am - ok!

I'm doing ok right now. Feeling pretty good.

I've been on tour for 10 days now and I've got 30 left to go. It's not so bad so far, in fact the group I'm with is really awesome. It's nice when everyone is working together and not being lazy. 

I'm not sure this is the type of music I want to play or the type of shows I want to be playing, but I'm gaining a lot from the experience. For example: I can now play trumpet and I'm getting better every day. (also, check out our tour dates because we're likely coming to a town near you: www.facebook.com/gashcatmusic).

Otherwise, things are going well. I'm seeing a really nice girl named Hannah and I'm very excited about getting back to town so that we can see how this relationship goes. It's unfortunate that I left so soon after we started dating that I left, however I'm really excited about how things are going so far.

Good things, good things.

10/10/11 05:34 am

I am going on a date this Tuesday with a lovely girl named Hannah.

I am very excited about this... in a way that I haven't been in a long time.

Wish me luck!
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